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The Bride of Christ Does Not Know That She Has a Prenuptial Agreement

The Bride Talk Challenge - 
(Bride Talk Scripture devotionals are also now available. Please see at the bottom of this page.)

The Bride Talk Challenge

    "...the marriage of the Lamb is come, and His wife hath made herself ready." Revelation 19:7. How can she be ready if she does not know about the prenuptial agreement? The ancient marriage contract (Ketubah) of Jewish married couples has served well both as a marriage license and as a prenuptial agreement for hundreds of years. Further more, in many households the contract is displayed as a work of art. If you do an internet search you will see that the Ketubah is alive and well as a work of art.

       And not only does every Jewish bride have a Ketubah but every Jewish bride also has a Mikvah. And so does the Bride of Christ. Please see the footnote at the bottom of the page. 
The Challenge Step-by-Step
    What can we do to help the Bride of Christ be ready? The Bride Talk Challenge is to make something that can be used as a conversation piece. I did the steps below and then showed my creation to some of my neighbors. It was a blessing to them.

1. You select your favorite wedding flower from the list of the 39 most common wedding flowers below.
2. Then you find an image of that flower on the internet.
3. Then you download the template (See link below) and print it. The template shows the ten steps of the marriage contract and it has a space for the image of the flower that you have found on the internet.
4. Physically cut and paste the image of the flower to a printed copy of the template. Or if you cannot find an image that is not restricted by copyright you may choose to use your artistic talent to draw or photograph your own image on to the printed copy of the template.
5. Use your final creation as a conversation piece. Start a conversation with someone about how the Bride of Christ should be making herself ready and that she should know that she has a prenuptial agreement, a (Ketubah).
     For example, I purchased white roses from my local grocery store and photographed them to attach to the white roses template that I printed. Believe it or not, the face-to-face conversations that you have with people have more of an impact than you think.

          Please choose your favorite wedding flower from the list below.

1. Alstromeria
2. Amaryllis
3. Anemone
4. Aster
5. Camellias
6. Casa Blanca Lily
7. Chamelaucium
8. Chrysanthemum
9. Cosmos
10 Daffodil
11. Dahlia
12. Delphinium
13. Eustoma
14. Forget-me-not - Myosotis
15. Freesia
16. Garden Cosmos
17. Hyacinth
18. Hydrangea
19. Iris
20. Jasmine
21. Liatris
22. Lilacs
23. Lisianthus
24. Matsumoto Asters
25. Monte Casino Asters
26. Peony
27. Poinsettia
28. Queen Anne's Lace
29. Ranunculus
30. Snapdragons
31. Star Gazer Lily
32. Stephanotis
33. Sweetpea
34. Transvaal Daisy
35. Tuberose
36. Tulip
37. White Roses
38. Yarrow
39. Zinnia

 I purchased white roses at the grocery store and photographed the flowers as well as the leaves. I used the the leaves to make a border along the sides.If you decide to frame your Ketubah in a 11 inch x 14 inch frame instead of the smaller 8.5 inch X 11 inch you will have room along the sides for a decorative border.
Use the link that is below to download the template. A link will be sent to your email address from Payloadz after Paypal processing is completed. Thank you for your participation.

The Bride Talk Challenge two page Template

The devotionals below are also useful for conversation pieces.

One – All
Scripture devotional of verses that have both the words “one” and “all” in the same verse. It has both the New Testament and Old Testament in reverse order. Use this as a conversation piece. 

Bride Talk Name Chart shows how the original name was changed. The Bride of Christ has the right to use the Messiah’s original legal name with the power of attorney. Use this as a conversation piece. 

FOOTNOTE: Jewish brides must be immersed in a Mikvah before they get married. This may be the reason why Christ commanded that His Bride be baptized. In his book Waters of Eden Aryeh Kaplan explains the profound importance of the Mikvah. It is the pool of water that is used for water immersion. He explains that according to Jewish law the Mikvah is more important than is the synagogue, so much so that Torah scrolls can be sold in order to pay for the construction of the Mikvah.
The Consensus is six page pamphlet that can be used as a conversation piece for the challenge. Because of the fact that the word is close to you, even in your mouth, as the Scriptures say, everyone agrees even if they do not realize that they are in agreement regarding the Memorial Name.

Bride Talk Challenge Copyright © 2019 John Warren,

The Bride of Christ Does Not Know That She Has a Prenuptial Agreement

The Bride Talk Challenge -  (Bride Talk Scripture devotionals are also  now available. Please see at  the bottom of th...